The Art of TanDoll

"The sacrifice for my art is my sanity..."





Update 11-16-13


well...remodel, anyway ;)

Update: 10-12-13, Licensing!

I have some great news, I have been licensed with two merchandise companies!

PSP Tubers, here is the only place you can find tubes of my art!

Artistic Dreams Imaging

And for you Needle Craft fanatics, my designs are now available in full cross-stitch kits!


Update: 3-29-12

Art now available for sale! Click HERE to see what originals are still available.

Update: 9-25-13

A couple of updates for you all:

I have added a new gallery on the NaviBar showcasing my newest colored pencil drawings, New Artwork.

Also, I am now on YouTube, sharing videos of my drawing processes. This is still in the early stages, as I am teaching myself video editing for this as well as trying to find an optimal camera angle for recording. Stick with me, it will get better! TanDoll on YouTube

Update 3-17-12

Here are the newest updates to the website:

"Bringing the Rain"

and if interested see the step-by-step work in progress for this piece under
the TanDoll Technique

Update 3-6-12

I thought I would post direct links on this homepage for newly added artworks as they come.  Here are the ones that have been added most recently:

"Kooky Cardinal"
"Little Miss HeartBreak"
"Autumn Butterflies"
"Queens of Season: Spring"

Update 2-29-12

I am done with the major overhaul of the website. I still have to add a few things and will change some things around as time goes by and the changes are needed. If you find any bugs, please contact me to share them...thanks!

Update 2-20-12

Still Under Construction

I have finished the galleries on the site, but nearly all information pages need to be updated. I am Still unable to accept print orders at this time, but I will post an update as soon as they are available again. Thanks for understanding!

Update 12-20-11


After starting a family, I am trying to get my art life back on a roll. I have been able to finished only a couple of new artworks the past few years, but hopefully in time I will be able to make art like I once did. Until then, I will be working on my website, changing things around a little, fixing images, and changing some other information. I appreciate my little handful of fans, thanks a ton! I am unable to accept print orders or commissions at this time...when this changes, I will make an announcement here on the homepage as well as via email to my mailing list.

Update 4-5-08

   Finally finished with the website.  I hope you enojoy, and feel free to sign the guestbook with comments or opinions on how to make it a better place!